Publications associated with Quantum Matter in High Magnetic Fields

Static and fluctuating magnetic moments in the ferroelectric metal LiOsO3

JPS Conference Proceedings Physical Society of Japan 日本物理学会 21 (2018) 1-6

F Kirschner, F Lang, FL Pratt, T Lancaster, Y Shi, Y Guo, A Boothroyd, S Blundell

LiOsO3 is the first example of a new class of material called a ferroelectric metal. We performed zero-field and longitudinal-field μSR, along with a combination of electronic structure and dipole field calculations, to determine the magneticground state of LiOsO3. We find that the sample contains both static Li nuclear moments and dynamic Os electronic moments. Below ≈0.7 K, the fluctuations of the Os moments slow down, though remain dynamic down to 0.08 K. We expect this could result in a frozen-out, disordered ground state at even lower temperatures.

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