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Muon-spin relaxation and AC magnetometry study of the ferrimagnet LaSr2Cr2SbO9

Journal of Solid State Chemistry Elsevier 279 (2019) 120935

EC Hunter, P Battle, S Blundell, E al.

AC susceptibility and muon spin relaxation data have been collected from a polycrystalline sample of LaSr2Cr2SbO9, a perovskite-like compound wherein the unequal distribution of Cr3+ and Sb5+ cations over two crystallographically-distinct six-coordinate B sites results in the onset of ferrimagnetism at ∼150 K. The data are used to elucidate the dynamics of the ferrimagnetic domain walls, thought to lie in Sb-rich regions, and suggest an energy barrier of ∼0.13 eV to their motion. The muon data confirm that the ferrimagnetic order is a true bulk phenomenon. The behaviour of this material is briefly compared to that of Ni2+- based relaxor ferromagnets.

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