DC Fields

Oxford Physics has a long tradition in high magnetic field research.

We have access to do our experiments in a variety of superconducting magnets which vary form 14T to 21T using variable temperature inserts (1.5K-300K), Helium 3 probes (down to 0.4 K) and dilution fridges (down to 30 mK).

Superconducting magnet

In the Clarendon Laboratory we make use of a variety of tools and instruments to test and characterize the physical properties of the materials we want to investigate.

Our small crystals are fist checked using a highly versatile X-ray diffractometer.
X-ray single crystal diffractometer

The we test the magnetic and electrical properties down to 1.5K using a Quantum Design SQUID (7T) or a MPMS (14T).

Quantum Design SQUID (7T)