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Coherent electric field manipulation of Fe3+-spins in PbTiO3

Science Advances American Association for the Advancement of Science 7 (2021) eabf8103

J Liu, V Laguta, K Inzani, W Huang, S Das, R Chatterjee, E Sheridan, S Griffin, A Ardavan, R Ramesh

Magnetoelectrics, materials which exhibit coupling between magnetic and electric degrees of freedom, not only offer a rich environment for studying the fundamental materials physics of spin-charge coupling, but also present opportunities for future information technology paradigms. We present results of electric field manipulation of spins in a ferroelectric medium using dilute Fe3+-doped PbTiO3 as a model system. Combining first-principles calculations and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), we show that the Fe3+ spins are preferentially aligned perpendicular to the ferroelectric polar axis, which we can manipulate using an electric field. We also demonstrate coherent control of the phase of spin superpositions by applying electric field pulses during time-resolved EPR measurements. Our results suggest a new pathway towards the manipulation of spins for quantum and classical spintronics.

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