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Magnetization dynamics in ordered spin structures revealed by diffractive and reflectometry ferromagnetic resonance

AIP Advances American Institute of Physics 11 (2021) 15327

D Burn, S Zhang, G van der Laan, T Hesjedal

Synchrotron radiation based techniques provide unique insight into both the element and time resolved magnetization behavior in magnetic spin systems. Here, we highlight the power of two recent developments, utilizing x-ray scattering techniques to reveal the precessional magnetization dynamics of ordered spin structures in the GHz regime, both in diffraction and reflection configurations. Our recently developed diffraction and reflectometry ferromagnetic resonance (DFMR and RFMR) techniques provide novel ways to explore the dynamics of modern magnetic materials, thereby opening up new pathways for the development of spintronic devices. In this paper we provide an overview of these techniques, and discuss the new understanding they provide into the magnetization dynamics in the chiral magnetic structure in Y-type hexaferrite and the depth dependence to the magnetization dynamics in a [CoFeB/MgO/Ta]4 multilayer.

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