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Super resolution convolutional neural network for feature extraction in spectroscopic data

Review of Scientific Instruments AIP Publishing 91 (2020) 033905

H Peng, X Gao, Y He, Y Ji, Y Chen

Two dimensional (2D) peak finding is a common practice in data analysis for physics experiments, which is typically achieved by computing the local derivatives. However, this method is inherently unstable when the local landscape is complicated, or the signal-to-noise ratio of the data is low. In this work, we propose a new method in which the peak tracking task is formalized as an inverse problem, thus can be solved with a convolutional neural network (CNN). In addition, we show that the underlying physics principle of the experiments can be used to generate the training data. By generalizing the trained neural network on real experimental data, we show that the CNN method can achieve comparable or better results than traditional derivative based methods. This approach can be further generalized in different physics experiments when the physical process is known.

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