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Magnetic Weyl semimetal phase in a Kagomé crystal

Science American Association for the Advancement of Science 365 (2019) 1282-1285

DF Liu, AJ Liang, EK Liu, QN Xu, Y Li, C Chen, D Pei, WJ Shi, SK Mo, P Dudin, T Kim, C Cacho, G Li, Y Sun, LX Yang, ZK Liu, SSP Parkin, C Felser, Y Chen

Weyl semimetals are crystalline solids that host emergent relativistic Weyl fermions and have characteristic surface Fermi-arcs in their electronic structure. Weyl semimetals with broken time reversal symmetry are difficult to identify unambiguously. In this work, using angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, we visualized the electronic structure of the ferromagnetic crystal Co3Sn2S2 and discovered its characteristic surface Fermi-arcs and linear bulk band dispersions across the Weyl points. These results establish Co3Sn2S2 as a magnetic Weyl semimetal that may serve as a platform for realizing phenomena such as chiral magnetic effects, unusually large anomalous Hall effect and quantum anomalous Hall effect.

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