Iron-based superconductors tuned using chemical subsitution

The response of the superconducting state and crystal structure of the layered materials LiFeAs and NaFeAs to chemical substitutions has been probed using high-resolution X-ray and neutron diffraction measurements, magnetometry, and muon-spin rotation spectroscopy. The superconductivity is extremely sensitive to composition: Li-deficient materials (Li1-yFe1+yAs with Fe substituting for Li) show a very rapid suppression of the superconducting state, which is destroyed when y exceeds 0.02, echoing the behavior of the Fe1+ySe system. Substitution of Fe by small amounts of Co or Ni results in monotonic lowering of the superconducting transition temperature, Tc, and the superfluid stiffness as the electron count increases. Tc is lowered monotonically at a rate of 10 K per 0.1 electrons added per formula unit irrespective of whether the dopant is Co and Ni, and at higher doping levels superconductivity is completely suppressed. These results and the demonstration that the superfluid stiffness in these LiFeAs-derived compounds is higher than in all of the iron pnictide materials underlines the unique position that LiFeAs occupies in this class. We also show how the magnetic state in NaFeAs can be tuned into superconductivity by replacing Fe by either Co or Ni. The electron count is the dominant factor, since Ni doping has double the effect of Co doping for the same doping level. We follow the structural, magnetic, and superconducting properties as a function of doping to show how the superconducting state evolves, concluding that the addition of 0.1 electrons per Fe atom is sufficient to traverse the superconducting domain, and that magnetic order coexists with superconductivity at doping levels less than 0.025 electrons per Fe atom.

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