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Novel Phenomena driven by Spin-Orbit Coupling

8.40-9.00 am Registration and coffee, posters displayed

Spin-orbit Coupling Effects

9.00-9.20 Paolo Radaelli, Oxford Physics
100 Years of Crystallography and its role in understanding the coupling between lattice and spins

9.20-9.55 Igor Mazin, USA
Aspects of electronic and crystal structure of Na2IrO3 and related materials

9.55-10:20 Radu Coldea, Oxford Physics
Honeycomb iridates, a playground to explore frustration effects and spin-orbit physics

10.20-10.50 Coffee break


10.50-11.10 Paul McClarty , ISIS
Quantum and Classical Phases of the Spin Ice Materials

11.10-11.25 Francesca Foronda, Oxford Physics
Quantum spin ice states in Pr-based pyrochlores

11.25-11.45 Jon Goff, Royal Holloway
Defects and monopole dynamics in spin ice

11.45-12.05 Andrew Boothroyd, Oxford Physics
Spin-orbit assisted phase transitions in iridates and osmates

12.05-2pm Lunch and Posters


Dirac systems

2.00-2.20 Yulin Chen, Oxford Physics
Discovery of a Three-dimensional Topological Dirac Semimetal, Na3Bi

2.20-2.35 Thorsten Hesjedal, Oxford Physics
Thin Film growth of Topological Insulators

2.35-2.50 Arjun Narayaran, Oxford Physics
Transport signatures of three-dimensional Dirac fermions in Cd3As2

2.50-3.05 Gábor Halász, Oxford Physics
Time-reversal invariant realization of the Weyl semimetal phase

Superconductivity and Magnetism I

3.05-3.20 Thomas Scaffidi, Oxford Physics
Pairing symmetry and dominant band in Sr2RuO4

3.20-3.35 Emily Hunter, University of Edinburgh
Tuning the electronic properties of Sr3Ir2O7: The formation of a quasi-2D metal via electron doping

3.35-3.50 Stefanie Thiem, Oxford Physics
Magnetism in rare earth quasicrystals: RKKY interactions and low temperature behaviour

3.50-4.10 Michael Hayward, Oxford Chemistry
Strontium Vanadium Oxide-Hydrides: ‘Square-Planar’ Two-Electron Phases

4.10-4.30pm Coffee break

Superconductivity and Magnetism II

4.30-4.45 Shilei Zhang, Oxford Physics
Resolving the magnetic skyrmions in MnSi strained films

4.45-5.00 Timur Kim, Diamond
Electronic structure of BaNi2-xRhxAs2

5.00-5.15 Alun Biffin, Oxford Physics
Magnetic excitations in spin-orbital singlet FeSc2S4 in zero and applied magnetic field probed by inelastic neutron scattering

5.15-5.30 Kun Cao, Oxford Materials
First-principles study of structurally modulated multiferroic CaMn7O12

5.30-5.50 Claudio Castelnovo, University of Cambridge
Tunable nonequilibrium dynamics of quenches in spin ice

5.50-6.00pm Closing remarks and collection of posters

After meeting chats

6.00-6.30 pm Royal Oak Pub (Woodstock Road)

6.30-8.45 pm Group dinner
Pierre Victoire restaurant
9 Little Clarendon Street
Oxford OX1 2HP
Tel: 01865 316616

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