MPBH 2014

Mott Physics Beyond the Heisenberg Model — a workshop on materials which exhibit quantum phases driven by non-trivial electronic correlations, Oriel College, Oxford, 16–18 September, 2014

The Heisenberg model has been incredibly successful in describing magnetic phenomena in a wide range of different materials, especially in Mott insulators. In recent years, an increasing number of quantum phases have been explored that exhibit Mott-like physics but cannot be described adequately by the Heisenberg model. These systems contain unconventional electronic correlations driven by effects such as strong spin–orbit coupling, large orbital degeneracies, frustrated Heisenberg interactions, and proximity to metal–insulator transitions.

This meeting, which followed on from MPBH 2012 (Lausanne) and MPBH 2013 (Ascona), was held in the ancient and beautiful setting of Oriel College in the heart of Oxford. It brought together experts in materials, advanced experimental techniques and theory to discuss the latest developments and ideas in the field.

List of abstracts is available here.