CfAS Science Meetings

The Science Meeting of the Oxford Centre for Applied Superconductivity brings together scientists working on Superconductivity at the University of Oxford and local industries interested in the application of superconductivity.

The first Science meeting is:
Title: Applied Superconductivity in Oxfordshire
Date: 8th Dec 2015 9.30 – 16.30 am
Venue: Blenheim Room, Farmhouse, Begbroke Science Park

This is the first Science Meeting organized by the new Centre for Applied Superconductivity that is supported by the Regional Growth Fund through the Oxfordshire Local Economic Partnership. The aim of this meeting is to describe the range of capabilities and facilities in Oxfordshire in the general area of applied superconductivity, and to explore new opportunities for future research and development. There will be presentations from the CfAS partners from Oxford University and from local industry and research laboratories describing their interests in the exploitation of the unique properties of superconducting materials in medical imaging systems, space applications and exciting new possibilities in quantum technologies.

Deadline to register: 1 December 2015