Oxford Symposium on Quantum Materials 2011 - The Programme

Wolfson College, Oxford, 6 May 2011

8.30-9am Registration and coffee, posters displayed

Frustrated magnetism
9.00-9.30  Francis Pratt, ISIS
Magnetic and non-magnetic phases of a quantum spin liquid

9.30-9.50  Isabel Franke, Oxford Physics
Probing quantum magnetism using coordination polymers and pulsed magnetic fields

9.50-10.10 Andrew Goodwin, Oxford Chemistry
Empirical structure "solution" of frustrated spin systems

10.10-10.40 Coffee break

Multiferroics, Stripes and Charge Order
10.40-11.00 Alexander Hearmon, Oxford Physics
Helical scattering signatures of strain and electronic textures in YbFe2O4

11.00-11.20 Ivelisse M Cabrera, Oxford Physics
Polarized Neutron Scattering Studies of Multiferroic Ni3V2O8

11.20-11.50 Andrew Boothroyd, Oxford Physics
An hour-glass magnetic spectrum in an insulating, hole-doped antiferromagnet

11.50-12.05 Lucian Pascut, Oxford Physics - Direct Observation of Charge Order in Triangular Metallic AgNiO2 by Single-Crystal Resonant X-Ray Scattering

12.05-2pm Lunch and Posters

2-2.20 Fiona Burnell, Oxford Physics
Phase transitions in topologically ordered systems

2.20-2.40  A. N. Kolmogorov, Oxford Materials - New Superconducting and Semiconducting Fe-B Compounds Predicted with an Ab Initio Evolutionary Search

2.40-3.05 Igor Mazin, USA - Iron pnictides superconductors - overview on the current status

3.05-3.15 Andrew Briggs, Oxford Materials - Nanomaterials for quantum information processing

3.15pm-3.30pm Coffee break

3.30-3.45 Jack Wright, Oxford Physics
Interplay of superconducting, magnetic and structural order parameters
in NaFe_1-xCo_xAs

3.45-4.00  P. Babkevich, Oxford Physics
Magnetic resonances in Fe(Se,Te) superconductors

4.00-4.15 S. Speller, Oxford Materials
Local microstructural variations in thin film and single-crystal FeySe1-xTex

4.15-4.30 Harry Fisher, Oxford Materials
The role of the dopant on the magnetic phase diagram of LaO(1-x)FxFeAs

4.30-4.50 Timur Kim, Diamond
ARPES studies of unconventional superconductors

4.50-5pm Closing remarks and collection of posters

After meeting chats
5.30pm Royal Oak Pub (Woodstock Road)

7pm Bombay restaurant

(please confirm your availability by emailing "amalia.coldea at physics.ox.ac.uk")

This meeting is sponsored by the EPSRC grant: EP/I017836/1 .