Quantum Magnonics

Group Leaders:

The field of magnonics is the area of magnetics dedicated to the science of quasi-particles known as magnons. In certain magnetic systems, magnons are able to play the role of microscopic tokens which can carry 'spin' - the quantum mechanical currency of magnetism - over relatively long distances (up to centimetres), and at high speed (many tens of kilometres per second). Our group develops low-temperature microwave magnetic circuits to probe the physics of magnonic systems at the quantum level.

Our interests also span the related field of magnon spintronics. Spintronics is the area of research dedicated to the study of how spin can be used realize new types of information transport, storage, and processing system which surpass the capabilities of those found in today's consumer electronics. Magnon spintronics is concerned with structures and devices which involve the passing of spin-information between magnons and electrons. Such systems are a rich source of new physics, showcasing the subtle interplay between magnonic and electronic transport and, in so doing, opening doors to electronic devices with novel and exciting functionalities.

A particular goal of our work is to take some of the first steps towards accessing the new physics and potential technological opportunity at the interface between magnonic and magnon spintronic systems, and the techniques of contemporary microwave circuit-based quantum measurement and information processing.

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