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Neutron Scattering Signatures of Magnon Weyl Points

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S Shivam, R Coldea, R Moessner, P McClarty

We study the inelastic neutron scattering cross section in the vicinity of touching points in magnon bands. Among the possible touching points are magnon Weyl points in three dimensional ordered magnets with significant spin-orbit coupling that are characterized by a linear dispersion in their vicinity. A Weyl point is topologically protected by its net chirality and here we show that this leads to a characteristic form for the dynamical structure factor. To address this question, we show that scattering intensities in the vicinity of arbitrary magnon two-band touching points are identical to expectation values of the pseudospin polarization along some direction $\hat{\boldsymbol{n}}$ in momentum space fixed by the magnetic Hamiltonian. This approach applied to Weyl points shows that they are singular points in the intensity of the form $\hat{\boldsymbol{n}}\cdot \delta\hat{\boldsymbol{k}}$ regardless of the magnetic ground state. We make specific predictions for the experimental signatures of such intensity singularities in several spin models hosting Weyl magnons applicable to candidate materials.

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