Quantum information, quantum optics and ultracold atoms

We exploit quantum mechanical superposition and entanglement to manipulate information in ways not allowed in the classical world, and to study the interactions of atoms and photons at the single-particle level.

Research groups in this theme

Dipolar Quantum Gases

We are a new experimental ultracold atom group in the Oxford Physics department at the Clarendon Laboratory.

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Ion Trap Quantum Computing

Ion Trap Quantum Computing Group

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NMR Quantum Computing

Implementing quantum information processing with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance techniques

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Quantum Information Technology

We study the theory and practice of attaining quantum enhancements in information processing, and the quantum information processing capabilities of physical systems.

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Quantum Systems Engineering

from ultracold atoms and coupled cavities to high Tc superconductors

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Superconducting Quantum Devices

Welcome to the Leek Lab in Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Oxford. We perform research on Superconducting Quantum Devices.

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The Atom-Photon Connection

Interfacing light and matter at the single-particle level

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Ultracold Quantum Matter

Controlling ultracold gases, Bose-Einstein condensates and developing high-flux, cold atom sources for real-world applications.

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