Publications associated with Superconducting Quantum Devices

Photon number statistics uncover the fluctuations in non-equilibrium lattice dynamics.

Nature communications 6 (2015) 10249-

M Esposito, K Titimbo, K Zimmermann, F Giusti, F Randi, D Boschetto, F Parmigiani, R Floreanini, F Benatti, D Fausti

Fluctuations of the atomic positions are at the core of a large class of unusual material properties ranging from quantum para-electricity to high temperature superconductivity. Their measurement in solids is the subject of an intense scientific debate focused on seeking a methodology capable of establishing a direct link between the variance of the atomic displacements and experimentally measurable observables. Here we address this issue by means of non-equilibrium optical experiments performed in shot-noise-limited regime. The variance of the time-dependent atomic positions and momenta is directly mapped into the quantum fluctuations of the photon number of the scattered probing light. A fully quantum description of the non-linear interaction between photonic and phononic fields is benchmarked by unveiling the squeezing of thermal phonons in α-quartz.

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