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Witnessing the formation and relaxation of dressed quasi-particles in a strongly correlated electron system.

Nature communications 5 (2014) 5112-

F Novelli, G De Filippis, V Cataudella, M Esposito, I Vergara, F Cilento, E Sindici, A Amaricci, C Giannetti, D Prabhakaran, S Wall, A Perucchi, S Dal Conte, G Cerullo, M Capone, A Mishchenko, M Grüninger, N Nagaosa, F Parmigiani, D Fausti

The non-equilibrium approach to correlated electron systems is often based on the paradigm that different degrees of freedom interact on different timescales. In this context, photo-excitation is treated as an impulsive injection of electronic energy that is transferred to other degrees of freedom only at later times. Here, by studying the ultrafast dynamics of quasi-particles in an archetypal strongly correlated charge-transfer insulator (La2CuO(4+δ)), we show that the interaction between electrons and bosons manifests itself directly in the photo-excitation processes of a correlated material. With the aid of a general theoretical framework (Hubbard-Holstein Hamiltonian), we reveal that sub-gap excitation pilots the formation of itinerant quasi-particles, which are suddenly dressed by an ultrafast reaction of the bosonic field.

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