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Dressed Collective Qubit States and the Tavis-Cummings Model in Circuit QED

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JM Fink, R Bianchetti, M Baur, M Goeppl, L Steffen, S Filipp, PJ Leek, A Blais, A Wallraff

We present an ideal realization of the Tavis-Cummings model in the absence of atom number and coupling fluctuations by embedding a discrete number of fully controllable superconducting qubits at fixed positions into a transmission line resonator. Measuring the vacuum Rabi mode splitting with one, two and three qubits strongly coupled to the cavity field, we explore both bright and dark dressed collective multi-qubit states and observe the discrete square root of N scaling of the collective dipole coupling strength. Our experiments demonstrate a novel approach to explore collective states, such as the W-state, in a fully globally and locally controllable quantum system. Our scalable approach is interesting for solid-state quantum information processing and for fundamental multi-atom quantum optics experiments with fixed atom numbers.

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