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Cavity QED with separate photon storage and qubit readout modes

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PJ Leek, M Baur, JM Fink, R Bianchetti, L Steffen, S Filipp, A Wallraff

We present the realization of a cavity quantum electrodynamics setup in which photons of strongly different lifetimes are engineered in different harmonic modes of the same cavity. We achieve this in a superconducting transmission line resonator with superconducting qubits coupled to the different modes. One cavity mode is strongly coupled to a detection line for qubit state readout, while a second long lifetime mode is used for photon storage and coherent quantum operations. We demonstrate sideband based measurement of photon coherence, generation of n photon Fock states and the scaling of the sideband Rabi frequency with the square root of n using a scheme that may be extended to realize sideband based two-qubit logic gates.

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