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Measurements of the Correlation Function of a Microwave Frequency Single Photon Source

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D Bozyigit, C Lang, L Steffen, JM Fink, M Baur, R Bianchetti, PJ Leek, S Filipp, MPD Silva, A Blais, A Wallraff

At optical frequencies the radiation produced by a source, such as a laser, a black body or a single photon source, is frequently characterized by analyzing the temporal correlations of emitted photons using single photon counters. At microwave frequencies, however, there are no efficient single photon counters yet. Instead, well developed linear amplifiers allow for efficient measurement of the amplitude of an electromagnetic field. Here, we demonstrate how the properties of a microwave single photon source can be characterized using correlation measurements of the emitted radiation with such detectors. We also demonstrate the cooling of a thermal field stored in a cavity, an effect which we detect using a cross-correlation measurement of the radiation emitted at the two ends of the cavity.

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