Here is software that has been developed by members of our group. This is free for you to use and explore:

We have our group Github repository (

A trio of GitHub depositories to enable coarse graining of high-resolution datasets to force single column models
cg-cascade: NCL software to produce OpenIFS forcing fields from a high-resolution MetUM simulation and necessary ECMWF boundary files.
scmtiles: Python software to deploy many independent SCMs over a domain.
openifs-scmtiles: Python software to deploy the OpenIFS SCM using scmtiles.

Repositories for reduced-precision computing
rpe: An emulator for reduced floating-point precision written in Fortran
rpe-examples: A shallow water model demonstrating the use of the reduced-precision emulator

Software from Milan Kloewer's github (
SoftPosit.jl: A posit arithmetic emulator in Julia based on the C library SoftPosit.
juls: A 16bit shallow water model written in Julia.
swm: A shallow water model written in Python.