Workshop on Stochastic Modelling and Computing for Weather and Climate Prediction

18 - 21 March 2013, Oriel College Oxford

Predicting future weather and climate as precisely and reliably as possible is an important and urgent scientific challenge with numerous societal applications. Probabilistic forecasts, which produce estimates of the likelihood of future events rather than a single prediction, better reflect uncertainties in the core processes and dynamics. Certain important questions must be adressed in order to build and refine such a forecast system:

  • What is the best way to model uncertain and under-resolved processes involved in simulating weather and climate?
  • If the representation of sub-grid processes is fundamentally uncertain, what does this imply about the precision and level of determinism needed to integrate resolved-scale motions close to the truncation scales of weather and climate models?
  • Could fast and/or energy-efficient approximate computing hardware be used to improve simulations of a probabilistic weather and climate model?

This workshop will bring together leading meteorologists, physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists to address these questions. The programme will be an informal combination of talks and poster sessions with ample space and time for discussion.

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