Much of our work is collaborative with other departments within the University of Oxford and the wider scientific community.

Mathematical Institute, Oxford University
(Irene Moroz, Chris Farmer)

We work closely with members of the Applied Dynamical Systems and Inverse Problems group based at OCIAM in the Maths Institute, University of Oxford.

European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Reading, UK

ECMWF is an international organisation that is the world leader in medium and extended-range numerical weather forecasts. Some of our research makes use of the numerical weather prediction models developed at ECMWF, and research is often done in collaboration with scientists based at ECMWF.

National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO, USA

NCAR is a federally funded centre that is devoted to research into the atmospheric sciences, based in Boulder, Colorado. We are collaborating with scientists at NCAR to use their global climate model in our research.

Oxford Climate Research Network (OCRN)

The University of Oxford’s Climate Research Network is a cross-divisional research community, harnessing Oxford’s diverse strengths to address the challenge of managing climate change in a complex and uncertain world. The network aims to develop a research agenda to address key challenges of a changing climate, deepen knowledge to inform policy and planning, and develop instruments to improve practice in partnership with government, research and business communities.