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Dark Matter benchmark models for early LHC Run-2 Searches: Report of the ATLAS/CMS Dark Matter Forum


D Abercrombie, N Akchurin, E Akilli, JA Maestre, B Allen, BA Gonzalez, J Andrea, A Arbey, G Azuelos, P Azzi, M Backović, Y Bai, S Banerjee, J Beacham, A Belyaev, A Boveia, AJ Brennan, O Buchmueller, MR Buckley, G Busoni, M Buttignol, G Cacciapaglia, R Caputo, L Carpenter, NF Castro, GG Ceballos, Y Cheng, JP Chou, AC Gonzalez, C Cowden, F D'Eramo, A De Cosa, M De Gruttola, A De Roeck, A De Simone, A Deandrea, Z Demiragli, A DiFranzo, C Doglioni, T du Pree, R Erbacher, J Erdmann, C Fischer, H Flaecher, PJ Fox, B Fuks, MH Genest, B Gomber, A Goudelis, J Gramling, J Gunion, K Hahn, U Haisch, R Harnik, PC Harris, K Hoepfner, SY Hoh, DG Hsu, SC Hsu, Y Iiyama, V Ippolito, T Jacques, X Ju, F Kahlhoefer, A Kalogeropoulos, LS Kaplan, L Kashif, VV Khoze, R Khurana, K Kotov, D Kovalskyi, S Kulkarni, S Kunori, V Kutzner, HM Lee, SW Lee, SP Liew, T Lin, S Lowette, R Madar, S Malik, F Maltoni, MM Perez, O Mattelaer, K Mawatari, C McCabe, T Megy, E Morgante, S Mrenna, CS Moon, SM Narayanan, A Nelson, SF Novaes, KO Padeken, P Pani, M Papucci, M Paulini, C Paus, J Pazzini, B Penning

© 2019 This document is the final report of the ATLAS-CMS Dark Matter Forum, a forum organized by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations with the participation of experts on theories of Dark Matter, to select a minimal basis set of dark matter simplified models that should support the design of the early LHC Run-2 searches. A prioritized, compact set of benchmark models is proposed, accompanied by studies of the parameter space of these models and a repository of generator implementations. This report also addresses how to apply the Effective Field Theory formalism for collider searches and present the results of such interpretations.

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