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Demonstration of geometric effects and resonant scattering in the x-ray spectra of high-energy-density plasmas

Physical Review Letters American Physical Society 126 (2021) 085001

G Pérez callejo, S Rose, J Wark

In a plasma of sufficient size and density, photons emitted within the system have a probability of being re-absorbed and re-emitted multiple times - a phenomenon known in astrophysics as resonant scattering. This effect alters the ratio of optically-thick to optically thin lines, depending on the plasma geometry and viewing angle, and has significant implications for the spectra observed in a number of astrophysical scenarios, but has not previously been studied in a controlled laboratory plasma. We demonstrate the effect in the x-ray spectra emitted by cylindrical plasmas generated by high power laser irradiation, and the results confirm the geometrical interpretation of resonant scattering.

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