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Producing bright X-rays for imaging applications using a laser wakefield accelerator

Optics InfoBase Conference Papers (2014)

SPD Mangles, MS Bloom, J Bryant, JM Cole, A Döpp, S Kneip, H Nakamura, K Poder, MJV Streeter, J Wood, Z Najmudin, R Bendoyro, J Jiang, NC Lopes, C Russo, O Cheklov, O Ertel, S Hawkes, CJ Hooker, D Neely, PA Norreys, PP Rajeev, DR Rusby, RHH Scott, DR Symes, J Holloway, M Wing, JF Seely

We report on the generation of bright multi-keV betatron X-ray radiation using a GeV laser wakefield accelerator and investigate the use of these X-rays for various imaging applications. © 2014 Optical Society of America.

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