Publications associated with Plasma Accelerators and Ultrafast X-rays

Developments in laser-driven plasma accelerators

Nature Photonics 7 (2013) 775-782

SM Hooker

Laser-driven plasma accelerators provide acceleration gradients that are three orders of magnitude greater than those generated by conventional accelerators, offering the potential to shrink the length of accelerators by the same factor. To date, laser acceleration of electron beams to produce particle energies comparable to those offered by synchrotron light sources has been demonstrated with plasma acceleration stages that are only a few centimetres long. This Review describes the operation principles of laser-driven plasma accelerators, and gives an overview of their development from their proposal in 1979 to recent demonstrations. Potential applications of plasma accelerators are described, and the challenges that must be overcome before they can become practical tools are discussed. © 2013 Macmillan Publishers Limited.

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