Planetary Science Missions

Planetary Missions with Oxford involvement (in chronological order of launch date)

Galileo (NASA, launched 1989)
Mars Observer (NASA, launched 1992)
Cassini (NASA/ESA, launched 1997)
Mars Climate Orbiter (NASA, launched 1998)
Mars Express / Beagle 2 (ESA, launched 2003)
Rosetta (ESA, launched 2004)
Venus Express (ESA, launched 2005)
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA, launched 2005)
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA, launched 2009)

InSight (NASA, to launch 2016)
ExoMars TGO/EDM (ESA, to launch 2016)
Osiris-Rex (NASA, to launch 2016)
JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (ESA, to launch 2022)