Publications associated with Planetary Physics

The thermal structure of the Venus atmosphere: Intercomparison of Venus Express and ground based observations of vertical temperature and density profiles

ICARUS 294 (2017) 124-155

SS Limaye, S Lebonnois, A Mahieux, M Paetzold, S Bougher, S Bruinsma, S Chamberlain, RT Clancy, J-C Gerard, G Gilli, D Grassi, R Haus, M Herrmann, T Imamura, E Kohler, P Krause, A Migliorini, F Montmessin, C Pere, M Persson, A Piccialli, M Rengel, A Rodin, B Sandor, M Sornig, H Svedhem, S Tellmann, P Tanga, AC Vandaele, T Widemann, CF Wilson, I Mueller-Wodarg, L Zasova

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