Publications associated with Physics and Application of Soluble Semiconductors

1 GHz Pentacene diode rectifiers enabled by controlled film deposition on SAM-treated Au anodes

Advanced Electronic Materials Wiley 2 (2015) 1500282

C-M Kang, J Wade, S Yun, J Lim, H Cho, J Roh, H Lee, S Nam, DDC Bradley, J-S Kim, C Lee

Pentacene diodes with 2,3,4,5,6-pentafluorobenzenethiol-coated Au anodes show high current densities of 100 A cm−2 at 3 V with rectification ratios of 107. Using such diodes in rectifier circuits allows an output voltage of 3.8 V to be achieved from a 10 V sinusoidal input at 1 GHz.

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