Publications associated with Physics and Application of Soluble Semiconductors

Long‐range proton conduction across free‐standing serum albumin mats

Advanced Materials Wiley‐VCH Verlag 28 (2016) 2692-2698

N Amdursky, X Wang, P Meredith, D Bradley, MM Stevens

Free‐standing serum‐albumin mats can transport protons over millimetre length‐scales. The results of photoinduced proton transfer and voltage‐driven proton‐conductivity measurements, together with temperature‐dependent and isotope‐effect studies, suggest that oxo‐amino‐acids of the protein serum albumin play a major role in the translocation of protons via an “over‐the‐barrier” hopping mechanism. The use of proton‐conducting protein mats opens new possibilities for bioelectronic interfaces.

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