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Investigating the role of 4-tert butylpyridine in perovskite solar cells

Advanced Energy Materials Wiley 7 (2016) 1601079

S Habisreutinger, NK Noel, HJ Snaith, RJ Nicholas

The majority of hole‐transporting layers used in n‐i‐p perovskite solar cells contain 4‐tert butylpyridine (tBP). High power‐conversion efficiencies and, in particular, good steady‐state performance appears to be contingent on the inclusion of this additive. On the quest to improve the steady state efficiencies of the carbon nanotube‐based hole‐transporter system, this study has found that the presence of tBP results in an extraordinary improvement in the performance of these devices. By deconstructing a prototypical device and investigating the effect of tBP on each individual layer, the results of this study indicate that this performance enhancement must be due to a direct chemical interaction between tBP and the perovskite material. This study proposes that tBP serves to p‐dope the perovskite layer and investigates this theory with poling and work function measurements.

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