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Bandgap-tunable cesium lead halide perovskites with high thermal stability for efficient solar cells

Advanced Energy Materials 6 (2016) 1502458-

R Sutton, GE Eperon, L Miranda, ES Parrott, BA Kamino, JB Patel, MT Hörantner, MB Johnston, AA Haghighirad, DT Moore, HJ Snaith

Highest reported efficiency cesium lead halide perovskite solar cells are realized by tuning the bandgap and stabilizing the black perovskite phase at lower temperatures. CsPbI2Br is employed in a planar architecture device resulting in 9.8% power conversion efficiency and over 5% stabilized power output. Offering substantially enhanced thermal stability over their organic based counterparts, these results show that all-inorganic perovskites can represent a promising next step for photovoltaic materials.

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