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Efficient room temperature aqueous Sb2S3 synthesis for inorganic-organic sensitized solar cells with 5.1% efficiencies.

Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) 51 (2015) 8640-8643

KC Gödel, YC Choi, B Roose, A Sadhanala, HJ Snaith, SI Seok, U Steiner, SK Pathak

Sb2S3 sensitized solar cells are a promising alternative to devices employing organic dyes. The manufacture of Sb2S3 absorber layers is however slow and cumbersome. Here, we report the modified aqueous chemical bath synthesis of Sb2S3 absorber layers for sensitized solar cells. Our method is based on the hydrolysis of SbCl3 to complex antimony ions decelerating the reaction at ambient conditions, in contrast to the usual low temperature deposition protocol. This simplified deposition route allows the manufacture of sensitized mesoporous-TiO2 solar cells with power conversion efficiencies up to η = 5.1%. Photothermal deflection spectroscopy shows that the sub-bandgap trap-state density is lower in Sb2S3 films deposited with this method, compared to standard deposition protocols.

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