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Hole-transport materials with greatly-differing redox potentials give efficient TiO2-[CH3NH3][PbX3] perovskite solar cells.

Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP 17 (2015) 2335-2338

A Abate, M Planells, DJ Hollman, V Barthi, S Chand, HJ Snaith, N Robertson

Two diacetylide-triphenylamine hole-transport materials (HTM) with varying redox potential have been applied in planar junction TiO2-[CH3NH3]PbI3-xClx solar cells leading to high power-conversion efficiencies up to 8.8%. More positive oxidation potential of the HTM gives higher VOC and lower JSC illustrating the role of matching energy levels, however both HTMs gave efficient cells despite a difference of 0.44 V in their redox potentials.

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