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Mixed QCD-electroweak corrections to W-boson production in hadron collisions

arXiv (2020)

F CAOLA, A Behring, F Buccioni, F CAOLA, M Delto, M Jaquier, M Kirill, E Rontsch

We compute mixed QCD-electroweak corrections to the fully-differential production of an on-shell W boson. Decays of W bosons to lepton pairs are included in the leading order approximation. The required two-loop virtual corrections are computed analytically for arbitrary values of the electroweak gauge boson masses. Analytic results for integrated subtraction terms are obtained within a soft-collinear subtraction scheme optimized to accommodate the structural simplicity of infra-red singularities of mixed QCD-electroweak contributions. Numerical results for mixed corrections to the fiducial cross section of pp→W+→l+ν and selected kinematic distributions in this process are presented.

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