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A Search for MeV to TeV Neutrinos from Fast Radio Bursts with IceCube

The Astrophysical Journal: an international review of astronomy and astronomical physics American Astronomical Society (2020)

GW Sullivan, T Stürwald, K Tollefson, T Stuttard, L Tomankova, A Terliuk, F Tenholt, I Taboada, S Tilav, M Tselengidou, S Toscano, CF Turley, A Turcati, R Turcotte, C Tönnis, A Trettin, CF Tung, D Tosi, J Vandenbroucke, MAU Elorrieta, NV Eijndhoven, WV Driessche, S Vanheule, E Unger, M Usner

We present two searches for IceCube neutrino events coincident with 28 fast radio bursts (FRBs) and one repeating FRB. The first improves upon a previous IceCube analysis -- searching for spatial and temporal correlation of events with FRBs at energies greater than roughly 50 GeV -- by increasing the effective area by an order of magnitude. The second is a search for temporal correlation of MeV neutrino events with FRBs. No significant correlation is found in either search, therefore, we set upper limits on the time-integrated neutrino flux emitted by FRBs for a range of emission timescales less than one day. These are the first limits on FRB neutrino emission at the MeV scale, and the limits set at higher energies are an order-of-magnitude improvement over those set by any neutrino telescope.

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