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Research in Oxford

Research in Particle Physics at Oxford involves the study of the basic building blocks of matter and the forces that act upon them. The research staff and students here participate in a wide range of research, from the structure of the atomic nucleus and its contents, to the mysteries surrounding the elusive particles called neutrinos and dark matter in the Universe. The research involves international collaboration on experiments based in a variety of countries, at high-energy particle accelerators and in underground laboratories.

For an introduction to some of the work by particle physicists at Oxford, have a look at these pages, which were designed by one of our work experience students:

Particle Physics Masterclass

Oxford again held these popular one-day events for 6th formers studying physics, as part of the National Particle Physics Masterclasses organised by the High Energy Particle Physics Group of the Institute of Physics throughout the UK.
Delphi at Cern

Speakers for Schools

Several members of the Particle Physics group are happy to give talks to schools and other organisations.

Events in Delphi

Play the role of detective in this introduction to one of the experiments physicists from Oxford work on: the Delphi experiment at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics.

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