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NEWS January 2018: We are pleased to announce the fourth year of The Kavli-IPMU Oxford DPhil Fellowships:

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Nobel Banquet, Chapel Hall, Mansfield College. Front Row (L-R): Prof Amanda Cooper-Sarkar, Prof Ian Shipsey, Prof Don Perkins, Prof Steve Biller*, Prof Art MacDonald, Lady Helena Kennedy (Principal of Mansfield), Prof Nick Jelley*, Prof Roger Cashmore, Prof Dave Wark*. (*UK co-spokesperson/former co-spokesperson of SNO.)

On 14 December 2015, four days after the Nobel Prize was presented to Art MacDonald and Takaaki Kajita in Stockholm, the Particle Physics sub-department hosted a 'Nobel Banquet' to celebrate with Art the award of the 2015 Nobel Prize and 2016 Breakthrough Prize. Members of the department, alumni, friends, and former members of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) collaboration, many of whom had not seen each other in years, joined the celebration. Art, who is Spokesperson of SNO, was made an Honorary Fellow of Mansfield College and gave a captivating speech in which he recounted the many year journey from conception of the experiment to design, construction, commissioning and data analysis that ultimately led to the evidence that neutrinos oscillate from one flavour to another and therefore have mass. Oxford was the only UK university on SNO. Art noted the major contribution made by Oxford students, post docs, staff and academics in all aspects of the experiment, including members of the Oxford mechanical workshop, who played a key role in construction the acrylic vessel central to the SNO experiment.

Research themes

High-energy frontier physics

Exploring fundamental physics with high-energy colliders

Group Leaders


Neville Harnew, Guy Wilkinson, Malcolm John

Accelerator Neutrinos

The group studies the properties of neutrinos, one of the most abundant particles in the Universe.

Group Leaders Giles Barr, Steve Biller, Alfons Weber, David Wark

DUNE and MicroBooNE

MINOS / MINOS+ (finished)

Alfons Weber


Steve Biller


Antonin Vacheret


Giles Barr, Alfons Weber

Dark matter

Dark matter searches aim to identify what comprises the bulk of the universe's matter density.

Group Leaders Hans Kraus

Applications & Innovations

Group Leaders Richard Nickerson, Antonin Vacheret, Neville Harnew

Applications of Fast Pixel Detectors

Richard Nickerson

MARS Project

Antonin Vacheret, Alfons Weber


Neville Harnew