In-house Facilities

Within the physics department we have access to the facilities listed below, which are used to measure the bulk properties of ordered quantum materials. We perform a full characterisation of known samples prior to experiments at central facilities. In-house facilities are also regularly used to measure unknown samples, leading to the discovery of new functional materials.

Material properties facility

Measurements in an applied magnetic field of 14 T, and down to 2 K of:

  • Heat capacity
  • DC Magnetisation
  • AC Magnetisation
  • Resistivity

Measurements in an applied magnetic field of 14 T, an applied voltage up to 2 kV, and down to 10 K of:

  • Electric polarisation (pyroelectric current)
  • Ferroelectric hysteresis loops

X-ray laboratory

  • Micro-focused single crystal diffraction down to 10 K
  • Powder diffraction
  • Reflectometry
  • "Synchrotron resolution'' single crystal diffraction
  • CCD Laue camera

e-beam lithography

Using electron-beam lithography and other micro-machining techniques, we are developing methods for making electrical contacts to very small samples. We aim to investigate the electronic properties of single-domain crystals, removing effects that cloud the underlying physics in normal transport experiments.