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Semiconductor nanowires in terahertz photonics: From spectroscopy to ultrafast nanowire-based devices

2017 10th UK-Europe-China Workshop on Millimetre Waves and Terahertz Technologies, UCMMT 2017 (2017)

HJ Joyce, SA Baig, J Wong-Leung, HH Tan, C Jagadish, JL Boland, DA Damry, CL Davies, LM Herz, MB Johnston

© 2017 IEEE. Nanowires show unique promise for a multitude of optoelectronic devices, ranging from solar cells to terahertz (THz) photonic devices. Here, we discuss how THz spectroscopy is guiding the development of such nanowire-based devices. As an example, we focus on developing nanowire-based THz polarization modulators.

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