Publications associated with Oxford Centre for High Energy Density Science (OxCHEDS)

Laser-driven strong magnetostatic fields with applications to charged beam transport and magnetized high energy-density physics

Physics of Plasmas American Institute of Physics (2018)

SJ Rose, JJ Santos, M Bailly-Grandvaux, M Ehret, AV Arefiev, D Batani, FN Beg, A Calisti, S Ferri, R Florido, P Forestier-Colleoni, S Fujioka, MA Gigosos, L Giuffrida, L Gremillet, JJ Honrubia, S Kojima, P Korneev, KFF Law, J-R Marques, A Morace, C Mosse, O Peyrusse, M Roth, S Sakata, F Suzuki-Vidal, VT Tikhonchuk, T Toncian, N Woolsey, Z Zhang

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