OxCHEDS Annual Meeting 2019

This meeting will offer an opportunity for both Oxford and AWE to showcase work across a spectrum of disciplines including warm dense matter, high pressure solids, high field plasma physics, inertial confinement fusion, laboratory astrophysics and beyond. The meeting will cover existing collaborative topics, but will also focus on discussion of areas where Oxford and AWE could strengthen their links. A full schedule of talks will be circulated at a future date.

The two day event will be hosted at Trinity College, Oxford on 18/19th of March 2019. We anticipate being able to offer accommodation for AWE visitors on the night of the 18th. In addition, a dinner will be held on the 18th, giving participants the chance to meet and discuss existing and future collaborations. Registration is open to all members of OxCHEDS and our AWE colleagues.

Please register using the form below. If you are intending to give a talk (please do!), indicate the title below.

Talk lengths: 20 mins including time for questions.