Organic Semiconductors

Group Leaders:

The Organic Semiconductors Group focused on carbon-based organic semiconductors, which have emerged over the last decade as promising alternatives to existing inorganic semiconductor technology. One advantage of organics is that they may be processed easily from solution, e.g. using common ink-jet printing techniques. As a result, devices such as light-emitting displays, solar cells and transistors can be made at very low cost.

Our current work is aimed at understanding fundamental photo-physical processes in these new materials, e.g. exciton and charge-carrier generation and transport. For this purpose we employ femtosecond spectroscopic techniques to follow the dynamics of photoexcitations. In particular, we are interested in how the intermolecular arrangements in the solid film affect the mobility of charge carriers and the diffusivity of photoexcitations. This research is conducted in close collaboration with both researchers specialized in the chemical synthesis of carbon-based semiconductors and those working on device development.