Semiconductors Group

Group Leaders:

Research in the Herz group explores the fundamental science and applications of semiconducting materials and nanostructures ranging from organic molecules and solids, inorganic semiconductors & nanostructures, to hybrid systems such as sensitized metal oxides and organic-inorganic perovskites. Current work focuses on common themes such as electronic properties, electron-phonon interactions, molecular self-assembly, energy and charge transfer, bio-mimetic light-harvesting, nanoscale electronic phenomena and interfacial effects.

The group has particular expertize in femtosecond spectroscopic methods to follow the dynamics of photoexcitations inside a material. These techniques provide non-contact analytical tools to examine how semiconductors may be optimized for implementation in solar cells, light-emitting devices or transistors.

Our investigations are conducted in close collaboration with researchers specialized in the chemical synthesis or growth of semiconductors, those working on device development and those engaged in theoretical modelling.