Publications associated with LSST

JINGLE, a JCMT legacy survey of dust and gas for galaxy evolution studies - I. Survey overview and first results


A Saintonge, CD Wilson, T Xiao, L Lin, HS Hwang, T Tosaki, M Bureau, PJ Cigan, CJR Clark, DL Clements, I De Looze, T Dharmawardena, Y Gao, WK Gear, J Greenslade, I Lamperti, JC Lee, C Li, MJ Michalowski, A Mok, H-A Pan, AE Sansom, M Sargent, MWL Smith, T Williams, C Yang, M Zhu, G Accurso, P Barmby, E Brinks, N Bourne, T Brown, A Chung, EJ Chung, A Cibinel, K Coppin, J Davies, TA Davis, S Eales, L Fanciullo, T Fang, Y Gao, DHW Glass, HL Gomez, T Greve, J He, LC Ho, F Huang, H Jeong, X Jiang, Q Jiao, F Kemper, JH Kim, M Kim, T Kim, J Ko, X Kong, K Lacaille, CG Lacey, B Lee, JH Lee, W-K Lee, K Masters, S-H Oh, P Papadopoulos, C Park, S-J Park, H Parsons, K Rowlands, P Scicluna, JM Scudder, R Sethuram, S Serjeant, Y Shao, Y-K Sheen, Y Shi, H Shim, CMA Smith, K Spekkens, A-L Tsai, A Verma, S Urquhart, G Violino, S Viti, D Wake, J Wang, J Wouterloot, Y Yang, K Yim, F Yuan, Z Zheng

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