Publications associated with Laser Fusion and Extreme Field Science

Robustness of raman plasma amplifiers and their potential for attosecond pulse generation

High Energy Density Physics Elsevier 23 (2017) 212–216-

JD Sadler, M Sliwa, T Miller, MF Kasim, N Ratan, L Ceurvorst, A Savin, R Aboushelbaya, P Norreys, D Haberberger, AS Davies, S Bucht, DH Froula, J Vieira, RA Fonseca, LO Silva, R Bingham, K Glize, RMGM Trines

Raman back-scatter from an under-dense plasma can be used to compress laser pulses, as shown by several previous experiments in the optical regime. A short seed pulse counter-propagates with a longer pump pulse and energy is transferred to the shorter pulse via stimulated Raman scattering. The robustness of the scheme to non-ideal plasma density conditions is demonstrated through particle-in-cell simulations. The scale invariance of the scheme ensures that compression of XUV pulses from a free electron laser is also possible, as demonstrated by further simulations. The output is as short as 300 as, with energy typical of fourth generation sources.

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