Publications associated with Laser Fusion and Extreme Field Science

Magnetic field generation during intense laser channelling in underdense plasma

Physics of Plasmas AIP Publishing 23 (2016)

AG Smyth, G Sarri, M Vranic, Y Amano, D Doria, E Guillaume, H Habara, R Heathcote, G Hicks, Z Najmudin, H Nakamura, P Norreys, S Kar, LO Silva, KA Tanaka, J Vieira, M Borghesi

Channel formation during the propagation of a high-energy (120 J) and long duration (30 ps) laser pulse through an underdense deuterium plasma has been spatially and temporally resolved via means of a proton imaging technique, with intrinsic resolutions of a few μm and a few ps, respectively. Conclusive proof is provided that strong azimuthally symmetric magnetic fields with a strength of around 0.5 MG are created inside the channel, consistent with the generation of a collimated beam of relativistic electrons. The inferred electron beam characteristics may have implications for the cone-free fast-ignition scheme of inertial confinement fusion.

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