Publications associated with Laser Fusion and Extreme Field Science

Characteristics of betatron radiation from direct-laser-accelerated electrons

Physical Review E American Physical Society 93 (2016) 063203

P Norreys, TW Huang, APL Robinson, CT Zhou, B Qiao, B Liu, SC Ruan, XT He

<p>Betatron radiation from direct-laser-accelerated electrons is characterized analytically and numerically. It is shown here that the electron dynamics is strongly dependent on a self-similar parameter S ( ≡ n e n c a 0 ). Both the electron transverse momentum and energy are proportional to the normalized amplitude of laser field ( a 0 )fora fixed value of S . As a result, the total number of radiated photons scales as a 2 0 / √ S and the energy conversion efficiency of photons from the accelerated electrons scales as a 3 0 /S . The particle-in-cell simulations agree well with the analytical scalings. It is suggested that a tunable high-energy and high-flux radiation source can be achieved by exploiting this regime.</p>

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