Publications associated with Laser Fusion and Extreme Field Science

Relativistic intensity laser interactions with low-density plasmas

Journal of Physics: Conference Series IOP Publishing 688 (2016) 012126-012126

L Willingale, PM Nilson, C Zulick, H Chen, RS Craxton, J Cobble, A Maksimchuk, P Norreys, TC Sangster, RHH Scott, C Stoeckl

© Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd. We perform relativistic-intensity laser experiments using the Omega EP laser to investigate channeling phenomena and particle acceleration in underdense plasmas. A fundamental understanding of these processes is of importance to the hole-boring fast ignition scheme for inertial confinement fusion. Proton probing was used to image the electromagnetic fields formed as the Omega EP laser pulse generated a channel through underdense plasma. Filamentation of the channel was observed, followed by self-correction into a single channel. The channel radius as a function of time was found to be in reasonable agreement with momentum- conserving snowplough models.

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