Publications associated with Laser Fusion and Extreme Field Science

Calibration of time of flight detectors using laser-driven neutron source.

The Review of scientific instruments 86 (2015) 073308-

SR Mirfayzi, S Kar, H Ahmed, AG Krygier, A Green, A Alejo, R Clarke, RR Freeman, J Fuchs, D Jung, A Kleinschmidt, JT Morrison, Z Najmudin, H Nakamura, P Norreys, M Oliver, M Roth, L Vassura, M Zepf, M Borghesi

Calibration of three scintillators (EJ232Q, BC422Q, and EJ410) in a time-of-flight arrangement using a laser drive-neutron source is presented. The three plastic scintillator detectors were calibrated with gamma insensitive bubble detector spectrometers, which were absolutely calibrated over a wide range of neutron energies ranging from sub-MeV to 20 MeV. A typical set of data obtained simultaneously by the detectors is shown, measuring the neutron spectrum emitted from a petawatt laser irradiated thin foil.

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